Share, Reuse, Repair Hub

Accelerating the circular economy in York Region

About the Hub

Share, reuse, and repair are simple but essential actions we can easily incorporate into our lives to extend the life of products we use everyday and stimulate a circular economy. Supporting share, reuse and repair keeps items out of landfills, reduces carbon emissions and supports local businesses in York Region and beyond.

With support from The Regional Municipality of York’s Circular Economy Initiatives Fund, Circular Innovation Council has developed the Share, Reuse, and Repair Hub. This online hub allows easy access to resources that enable share, reuse, and repair. Explore the hub to find what options are available near you!


Resources and Information to Support the Circular Economy


Participating in the sharing economy and supporting access over ownership reduces the need to own products we might not use everyday.


Keep materials in use for as long as possible by swapping, reselling, and donating products we no longer want or need.


Extend the useful life of products by  repairing them when damaged and purchasing refurbished before brand new.

Find Local Businesses in York Region

Explore this map to find local businesses with a physical location near you.  Please visit the individual Share, Reuse, Repair pages to find additional resources and virtual services.

Contribute to the Hub

Know of a resource, local business, or event that supports share, reuse, or repair that we should know about? Let us know by filling out the form at the link below.