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About the Sharing Economy

Have you ever bought a tool – a resource – to use it once or twice, then never touch it again? Many of us have been there – but we can do better.

Sharing reduces the importance of owning items and promotes public access instead. This is known as access over ownership.

Access over ownership makes resources available for rent, reducing the need to own.

This encourages manufacturers to improve product designs so that they are more compatible with a circular life cycle.

Ever worn a dress or tuxedo once for a wedding? Consider renting your outfits in the future. It may save you hundreds of dollars while avoiding excess textile production.

The following resources can help you share resources with your local community.

    Ways to share:

    1.  Internet resources (i.e. tutorial videos and online courses)
    2.  Ride sharing apps
    3.  Bike share & Public transit
    4.  Rental services or lenderies (i.e. tools)
    5.  Clothing rental services
    6.  Libraries
    7.  Music and video streaming services


    York Region Library of Things

    A Lendery is like a library where you sign out things rather than books – things you need at the moment but don’t need to own. Your Lendery membership may entitle you to borrow a wide range of items.

    Bicycle Lending Library

    In partnership with Markham Cycles, borrow a bike and other bike-related accessories using your Markham Public Library card at Markham Village library. Markham Cycles is Markham’s community bicycle hub, and the first of its kind in York Region.

    Newmarket Cycles logo.

    Bicycle Lending Library

    Newmarket Cycles is a community bicycle hub that launched for its inaugural season in Spring 2022. By creating a fun and welcoming space where anyone can explore biking for free, we work to build bike culture and remove barriers to biking in Newmarket and beyond. 

    Richmond Hill – public libraries

    Check out your local Richmond Hill library to learn about their available resources and events.

    Waste Reduction Week in Canada

    Georgina – public libraries

    Check out your local Richmond Hill library to learn about their available resources and events.

    Zero waste directory

    Find low-waste shops, services, events, and initiatives across Canada using this interactive tool.

    Add to the map to share your knowledge!

    Markham Public Library

    At your library Markham comes together to imagine, create, learn and grow as individuals, neighbourhoods and a City. Everyone in Markham benefits from exceptional library experiences and intellectual pursuits through reading, studying, exploring ideas, and more.

    Aurora library

    The Aurora Public Library provides more than just books – check out the link below to access online resources and browse local events. 

    To find the listing of individual businesses and organizations, please visit our Local Directory  Map.

    Contribute to the Hub

    Know of a resource, local business, or event that supports share, reuse, or repair that we should know about? Let us know by filling out the form at the link below.